Canberra Camps, Settlements & Early Housing

The Federal Capital Territory - Outside the City Limits

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This section includes Jervis Bay which became the sea-port for the FCT and as well as the areas of Ginninderra, Tuggeranong, Uriarra etc includes Oaks Estate, Hall, Mt Stromlo and others.  Also included in this section is Environa which was freehold land not far from Canberra that was established for people who preferred to have freehold rather than leased land.

People who owned the properties taken over by the Commonwealth could lease their properties until the land was required by the Commonwealth. Some of the properties were subdivided and sold to people, many of whom had been tenant farmers prior to the takeover.  For anyone wishing to know details about the land and what was built on it in the period at the time of the formation of the FCT I suggest you read Moriarty's notes in the National Australian Archives.  The details in his notebooks have been recorded on a number of the Strip Maps c1913. 

Because of the length of the file which is draft for the revised edition of The Builders of Canberra 1909-1929 Gugler, Ann - I have divided it into three sections. Included in this file is the 1913 list of landholders and the 1928 Electoral Roll for the sections mentioned.

Outside Canberra pt 1

Outside Canberra pt 2

Outside Canberra pt 3