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Below is a 1978 photograph of stirling Park, Yarralumla.  This area between c1920 and 1965 was known as Westlake.  In the mid 1920s the population was 700 - second largest population centre in the FCT.  There were three single men's tent camps, Contractor John Howie's Settlement and 61 timber cottages in The Gap.  These cottages were first known as The Gap Cottages  but by the 1930s were known as Westlake Settlement.

Attunga Point was the old QUARRY and to the left of this point is the site of Briar Farm - now covered with the buildings of the Southern Cross Yacht Club.  Just above slightly to the right is Darwin Avenue which protrudes inot the park. The old roads - tracks that lead from Darwin Avenue are the old Westlake Settlement Roads.  My home - 27 Westlake was in Stirling Park Yarralumla opposite the corner of Darwin Avenue where it is joined by Forster Crescent.  In 2000 I began writing a Westlake Newsletter.  Copies from 2001 until the present time are included.  I made an error when I identified the camp near the modern Chinese Embassy Flynn Drive as being No 1 Labourers Camp (it is on Capital Hill, Westlake).  This camp was one for the police and other servicemen taking part in the 9 May 1927 celebrations.  It is corrected in later newsletters.

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