Canberra Camps, Settlements & Early Housing

The Builders of Canberra 1909-1920 Drafts for Revised Edition

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Included in this web are revised chapters for The Builders of Canberra 1909-1929.  There is still much work to be carried out - in particular the photographs need to reviewed to remove repeats etc. The chapters of the book with the exception of the first two - included in this section - have been placed under the areas headings of their sites.

Another error that has been missed in some files is that No 1 labourers Camp moved to Westlake in 1924 not 1923.  I have tried to ensure that this correction is there - but just in case I draw attention to it here.  

Since writing and publishing the first edition of The Builders new information has come 'to light' - in particular the site of No 1 Labourers Camp which was on Camp Hill - now part of Capital Hill.  This camp was part of Westlake.  The remaining undeveloped area of former Westlake in the Gura Bung Dhaura Hills (stony ground) is Stirling Park, Yarralumla. This area of the 'park' is gradually being whittled down as development takes place.

The sites of the May 1927 Camps for men of the services and police etc are also known and have been added to this revised edition.

Some of the studies of Stirling Park that include GPS marked sites for Howie's Settlement and the Tradesmen's Camp are included in this web in the sections on WESTLAKE and STIRLING PARK.

Included in the Builders are chapters on the first permanent suburbs and 'Outside Canberra' - ie the leased farming & grazing land, Jervis Bay and a mention of Oaks Estate - a forgotten 'suburb' of Canberra and Environa the freehold 'folly' near the FCT.

Following are the introductory chapters of 'THE BUILDERS OF CANBERRA 1909-1929'

The first three sections below - Aspects of Life, Types of Dwellings, Alphabetical List of Camps are in this section. The others that begin with Acton are separate pages with additional information as well as the draft for each chapter. 

The Westlake Chapter in particular has additional information that includes the draft citation and mud map.