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Introduction Brickyards, Westridge

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The Brickyards was one of the first four settlements in the FCT. If Duntroon, is counted - it is one of the first five.  The site of the Brickyards was in the area of modern Yarralumla in Fred Campbell of Yarralumla property - in his ram paddock.  The brickyards were opened and producing bricks by mid 1913.  The following year an area nearby was opened up and established as the main nursery. The year before a nursery had been established at Acton by Thomas Charles Weston. 

In 1926 construction of the Forestry School at Westridge began and was opened in 1927.  The name of Westridge was given to the brickyards area by Walter Burley Griffin in 1917.  He chose this name probably because it was west of Stirling Ridge.  Up until that time the planned area of Novar Street and nearby streets Yarralumla was known as Westlake.  In 1927 the name of the area was changed to Yarralumla, but continued into the 1950s to be known as Westridge.

The following chapters are from a draft for the revised edition of Builders of Canberra 1909-1929 [Gugler AR].  The electoral rolls included in this draft cover the 1913 census, 1916, 1928, 1929 and 1935 electoral rolls for the area. In the web Hidden Canberra - there are in addition to the above rolls, 1943, 1949, 1955, 1959 and 1967 rolls for each of the districts.

Brickyards - Westridge

Brickyards -Westridge Electoral Rolls