Canberra Camps, Settlements & Early Housing

1930s PermanentHouses

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The first priority of  Federal Capital Commission (FCC) was to construct the buildings necessary for the removal of the Federal Parliament from Melbourne to Canberra.   This included the brick cottages in the permanent suburbs for those transferred to the city to run the business of the Federal Parliament. Low on the list was accommodation for construction workers.  The origina intention was to have sufficient housing built to allow the camps and temporary settlements to close by around the end of 1929.  The Great Depression which began in the territory after the opening of Parliament on 9 May 1927 was followed by the 'main' depression which began after the Wall Street Crash in America in late 1929.  The result was that temporary settlements and camps remained.  However, some permanent houses were erected - but far too few for the needs of the locals.  Many remained in the settlements even when offered better quality housing because they didn't have the extra money to pay the higher rents.  In fact, many were well and truly in arrears in their rents in the settlements and had no hope of moving.

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